Meet Jeanette! @jeanettedomeisen

Jeanette is the leading female part behind @domeisenvisual. Together with her husband she creates visual experiences for brands, stores and products. But Jeannette is also a mum to three kids. And she was willing to be part of our Mothersday-Special! Swipe for the interview. Thanks alot, Jeanette!🌸

To be a mum means:

"That I feel an unconditional love for my children and my husband. Together we are like a small team - always playing on the same side and with the same goal in mind. Being Mama is like a life long teamcoaching with the greatest (upcoming-)players. Successes and failures, ups and downs but always inspiring and motivating."

One of the most beautiful moments that has ever happened to me as a mom yet...

"When my oldest child decided that she will go and study in my home country. She wants to live and feel the Danish culture even more. My ‘mini-me' wanting more of what is my heritage. That made me really proud.."

What I want my kids to take with them on the road: 

"We try to educate our children by not giving them rules but giving them values. When they understand the values in life, they can judge for themself to make the right decisions. I wish for them to be at a level with their achivements that they will always have a choice. Nothing should be decided because it was the only thing they could do - they should be able to choose freely for their future.."

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